The best cheapest barbecue recipes

To make a barbecue, as in everyday life, it can be done with more expensive or less expensive ingredients, it can be done with very cheap elements and still enjoy.

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

Cheap side for bbq

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

You can make a very cheap barbecue with vegetables, chicken, sausages, burgers, ribs, you can make pizzas and for dessert you can make barbecued fruits with Greek yogurt for example. Try to take any recipe that you see that you may like and try to change an ingredient, you will be surprised how cheap it can be to make a barbecue for a lot of people and above all, that everyone enjoy that moment.

Food is one of the main expenses of any household. We not only talk about the shopping basket, but also the times we eat out during the week and what is thrown away.

At certain times of the year, many families have to make bobbin lace to keep their budget intact at the end of the month. The extra expenses involved in some events, such as Christmas or summer vacations, make the calculator send over the following months so as not to end up in the red.

Thinking of eating daily for less than 5 dollars, leads our mind to focus on eating pasta and rice dishes, practically without any accompaniment. Not balanced, not tasty, not nutritious. Come on, it is not at all appetizing.

However, with some resources and ideas, the reality is quite different. If you know how to cook, shop with your head and bet on homemade food versus precooked or eating out, it is possible to eat very well for less than 4 dollars a day.

To take this from mind to paper, we have two very good examples, which have shown that with a little organization you can eat well without spending a lot of money.

In the United States, we have Leanne Brown, author of the book "Good and cheap: eat well on $ 4 / Day" which has been a best seller. A book full of tips to make ends meet without any problems and eating well. With a budget of about $ 4 a day per person, she proposes nutritious and tasty menus.

With an even tighter budget, in 2013 in Spain, a married couple formed by gastronomic bloggers Jorge Guitián and AnnaLibera carried out the experiment: “5 euros a day”. A project that was born with the aim of investing 5 euros a day in feeding a family of 4, yours. For 2 weeks the whole family ate for 5 euros a day, without giving up eating well, configuring balanced menus, without going hungry and without their children noticing a radical change in the way they ate.

How did they do it? Cooking at home, buying seasonal and local products in stores, organizing menus well, converting leftovers and being very flexible when going to market.

There is one thing that we do not take into account: a (quality) steak is delicious and it is a very expensive product, but a piece of meat considered "second-rate", well cooked, can become a greater delicacy than the previous one (and costs 4 times less) and nutritionally similar. 

An easy and cheap barbecue chicken recipe

An easy and cheap barbecue chicken recipe

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

So the same tips that serve to save money in daily life and be able to eat well serve to prepare a cheap barbecue so that our friends or family can enjoy. All the tips that we are going to give you can be applied when cooking at home or having a barbecue. Plan in advance the recipes that you are going to make on the barbecue, look at the offers in advance, if you find something very cheap on offer you can freeze it and take it out the day before the barbecue, take advantage of the remains of the barbecue to eat the next day or prepare a dish and then freeze it...

The first step to saving on food is preparing food at home. As in everything in life, the more experience you have in the kitchen, the easier it will be for you to cook with ingredients considered "not very noble" dishes that are absolutely delicious.

It is not necessary to have many accessories, you need to be fluent in the kitchen and learn to take advantage of the resources you have available. If you want to save and eat healthier, tuppers will be your allies to eat on a daily basis.

Buy with a head

It is not worth going to the supermarket and starting to throw anything you can think of into the car. Plan menus in advance and be clear about what you need and what you don't need.

If you don't go with a more or less closed list, you will end up filling your cart with unnecessary things or whims, which will make your food budget very expensive.

Be flexible when setting up the menu

It is essential to plan weekly menus, but you always have to leave options open. The offers will be the ones that decide if this week you will have asparagus or leek cream. Check offers of both fruit and vegetables as well as meat and fish.

Knowing how to cook will give you enough tables to be able to adapt your recipes to the products you find best on the market.

Compare the prices

If you have the possibility, choose the traditional market in front of the supermarkets. Try to bet on local producers, in the cases of fruit and vegetables it is usually easy, especially if you do not live in a big city. It is usually bought cheaper. Although you do not lose sight of the large stores, sometimes they have offers or prices that are unbeatable.

Ugly fruits are the tastiest

Many times the best looking (and also more expensive) fruits are not the best option. There are some smaller, worse looking pieces that are super tasty.

If you see an offer or some fruits that are good or some have a touch, use them to make jam. Absolutely nothing happens to them, they are cheap and they will solve more than one breakfast.

The freezer is your ally

Cooking in large quantities and freezing saves you energy (and money) and time. Prepare large pots of stews and legumes, distribute them in tuppers and freeze. It is a good way to organize and save.

Take advantage of remains

That chicken carcass that you have left, the green leaves of the leek, the fibrous part of the asparagus, the heads and bones of the fish ... Nothing is thrown away!

Freeze it and when you have enough ingredients prepare broth (meat, fish or vegetables). It will serve you to have soups in a short time and as a base to prepare delicious stews.

Leftovers are not thrown away

From a stew you can get a lot of dishes: minced meat with tomato for another day with the leftovers, an absolutely spectacular broth, with the remains of meat you can make croquettes ...

Stale bread can be turned into a pudding for tomorrow's dessert or into French toast or breadcrumbs… Imagination has to be your best friend in these cases.

cheap side for bbq

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

To make a barbecue, as in everyday life, it can be done with more expensive or less expensive ingredients, it can be done with very cheap elements and still enjoy.

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

Make your own candy

For health and for economy. Sweets should be foods of sporadic consumption. But, be clear: a homemade sweet is always better than a purchased one. Prepare your cakes, cookies, muffins, desserts ... Nothing to do with commercials.

Meat or fish on trays? It depends on the price per kilo

Always compare the price per kilo, not what the tray costs, sometimes you see a tray that seems very cheap but if you look at the price per kilo it can skyrocket. If you buy it in the poultry store, ask the butcher to fix it as you want and to keep the carcasses for you. They will be good for you for broth! And the same goes for the fish and save the bones.

Say yes to seasonal and local foods

Buying foods out of season makes them taste less and much more expensive. And, the local product will always be cheaper and taste better. If pears are grown in your area, they will be much better and cheaper than a papaya.

With regard to fish, the same thing happens. Buying fish in their catch season makes them have a lower price.

We repeat, better proximity but do not stop looking at the large stores sometimes have a better product and cheaper since buying huge quantities and have a better price. 

White and frozen marks, they are not the enemy!

There are white brands that lower the quality a lot, however there are others that are very worthy. It is a matter of trying and finding those brands that allow you to save some money, without giving up on taking a good product.

The same goes for frozen fish. There are certain options that work very well for some preparations.

Sugary drinks, off the list

Sugary drinks are not healthy, light, or of course cheap. The best drink there is is water. If you want to save on the shopping cart and improve your health, forget about them or leave them to drink very sporadically.

Spices and aromatic herbs, your allies

Spices and aromatic herbs add a very interesting touch to dishes and sauces. The best thing is that having on the terrace some pots with the ones you use the most (basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano ...) will flavor the dishes without adding a penny to the plate. You can even make a vertical garden that are in fashion.

The 'noble' is not always better

The most expensive and traditionally more 'noble' products are not always the tastiest. If you know how to cook and take advantage of the products, a rice with chicken or rabbit can be a great dish much tastier than a medium quality ribeye.

The same happens with many fish, there are times that we invest a fortune in a piece of bluefin tuna (which is not even red) when buying some smaller fish and cooking it well you can get a category dish. 

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

The best cheapest barbecue recipes

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