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My name is Brian and I am a barbecue lover. This page arises after looking for information on the internet and seeing that there was not what I was looking for, I have gathered all the information and experience that I have in this world.

I have lived in rural surroundings for years. I was born and raised on the outskirts of a city, I lived for a time in the very center of the city, but some time ago I went to live in a small town surrounded by countryside, forest and mountains. When I lived in the city it was when I discovered the world of barbecues, my wife gave me a mini barbecue for my birthday, it was something new for me, it was when I started looking for information online. At the end we made the barbecue in the center of the table and I loved to put the meat, see how it is done little by little and of course, the taste is totally different, it is true that it is slower and more laborious to do it on the barbecue than in a pan, but I love it.
Since we went to the country, it was when I started to buy large barbecues and although the mini barbecues are good they have no comparison with the large ones. At the beginning it is a bit complicated, you have to learn to adjust the times so that everything works well, the fuel to use, how to light it, do not put the meat on the cold grill, wait for it to grill and do not put the meat when it is still there is fire, etc., etc., but once you get a little experience, it doesn't take much work and the result is very good. Now in the countryside sometimes we have parties with family or friends and we get together a lot of people, for that I have a large barbecue (I have several and of various sizes and fuels) that allows me to make several dishes at the same time adjusting the times of each ingredient and I have a great time doing the barbecue, talking to people while we have a beer, in the end it is a very pleasant social event that I recommend to everyone, you have more or less space, also sometimes it We do in my house, others in those of a relative and others in the house of a friend, we are lovers of barbecues, today you have barbecues and fuels of all kinds, try it and you will enjoy it.

I have had and have many barbecues but I have not had all the brands that appear on the page, but if I have not had it, a friend or relative has had it and we have tried them all.

As for the recipes, the recipes we have made and tried all the ones that appear on the page and are the ones that our family like the most, surely there are people who like others more or less, but these are the ones that we like them more, it does not mean that they are better, but they are our tastes.

I hope you enjoy all the information that I have put on the page with the collaboration of some friends. 

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