BBQ burger recipe 

What could be better than preparing good hamburgers on your barbecue?

BBQ burger

BBQ Burger

BBQ burger recipe

BBQ burger recipe

We don't know how to do them correctly? 

Don't worry, we are going to explain it to you step by step so you don't have any problems!
BBQ burgers, why?

Whoever has never experimented with the fantastic experience of preparing barbecued hamburgers, he does not know what he is missing.

The texture of the meat is very different from that obtained by making it in a pan or on a griddle. Softer, juicier ... And it becomes the perfect excuse to share a good experience with friends.

The secret is in the barbecue

The ingredients for a barbecue burger are the same as always: bread, minced meat, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion… The difference is in how it is prepared and, above all, where. No matter what skillet you use, none of them will give your meat the same flavor as a good barbecue or grill.

Ingredients for 8 people:

900 grams of minced meat
½ dessert spoon of salt
½ dessert spoon of pepper
Sauce to put on the burger (to your liking, for example barbecue sauce)
8 slices of cheese (to your liking)
8 hamburger buns
If you like bacon you can put it, of course made on the barbecue

Preparation of burger on barbecue

So that you do not have any problems when making your hamburgers, we are going to explain the barbecue hamburger recipe step by step.

Preparation of the burger

Although you can buy hamburgers already ready to cook, it is better that you make them from scratch, so they will be more homemade and will be more delicious.

The first of all will be to season the minced meat that you have bought. It can be beef, pork or mixed meat. Add the salt and pepper and knead with your hands for a couple of minutes.
By integrating the spices well into the hamburger, take portions and give it the particular disk shape of this type of meat, crushing them with your hands. Of a medium size you will get 8 hamburgers, and if you make them smaller about 12 or also extra large of about 180-200 grams each, so you would get around 5 units. It would be advisable to have a medium size, since the small ones are more complicated to cook.
Until you go to prepare them on the barbecue you can keep them in the fridge, so that the meat settles and is more consistent.

BBQ burger

Bburger on the charcoal barbecue

BBQ burger recipe

Cooking burgers on the charcoal barbecue

The time has come to start cooking, and for this you will have to light the charcoal. You can use any type of charcoal, although the best will undoubtedly be charcoal for this task.

When the charcoal is on and the embers are ready, place the hamburger discs on the grill. Mark them on the charcoal pile. It is the hottest area, and with about 5 minutes, turning and turning, it will be enough to do it well on each side.
Now, if you want the meat to be a little less cooked, the trick is to distribute the embers to the sides of the barbecue, and place the hamburger in the center. Close the lid and let it cook for about 5-10 minutes, turning it so that it is done well on both sides, it will depend a little on how you like them, more or less passes.

At the same time that you make a hamburger, you can also make the buns that you are going to use for said hamburger, browning each side of the bun a little.
When assembling the hamburger you have a free decision on how to make it. You can put only cheese or add lettuce, tomato, onion ... you have free choice!

How do you prepare a hamburger on a wood-burning barbecue?

The system of preparing a hamburger on the wood-burning barbecue is not very different. You just have to distribute the firewood well to create a point, or several, of heat and start cooking.

Since the calorific value of firewood is lower than that of charcoal, the hamburgers will take between 10-13 minutes to be ready. You will have to turn it every two minutes so that not much is done on one side and little on the other.

If you want it to be well done inside, you will have to put the hamburger right at the point where there is the greatest flame. Otherwise, put it a little away from the heat source, to cook it indirectly.

burgers on the charcoal barbecue

Burger on the charcoal grill

Any tips for preparing burgers on a barbecue?

  Would you like to know more than a barbecue burger recipe?

 Well, follow these tips and you will make an unforgettable barbecue:

Even if the one at the store recommends it, do not use ignition pills or liquid fuel to light the barbecue. The flavor it leaves on charcoal burgers will spoil the gathering.

Prepare the hamburgers a maximum of two at a time, do not put all of them at once. This way you will be able to make them to the taste of each guest.

Cooking them with wood has its advantages, such as that you can experiment with different aromas to give it a different flavor each time you do it.

The same is true of coal. Although the vegetable is the most indicated, there are other special coals for meats. You should try them.

It is best if the lid of the barbecue is closed while you cook the burgers or buns, so that they are well done on both sides.

A little trick so that the cheese is better integrated with the hamburger is to put it, a few seconds before removing the hamburger, on it while it finishes cooking. It will be well melted and it will be more delicious.

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