Portable barbecues

Not everyone has the luxury of having a garden. And barbecuing on the balcony can bring some problems. One solution is to have a barbecue on a campsite or in a field. Nothing better than enjoying this experience with friends and family, right? Now what should you know about portable barbecues?

Portable Barbecue, good and cheap

Family and friends. Portable barbecue

What is a portable barbecue?

With technological advancement, we can find portable barbecues of almost all types, clearly excepting the construction ones. Some have their advantages and others with their disadvantages. Depending on how you like the food, and how much you want to dedicate to the assembly of it, you will decide one model or another.

  1. Charcoal: Charcoal are the most common portable barbecues. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as being quite practical when cooking. Perhaps its downside is that you have to watch that you have the necessary amount of coal and wait a long time for it to ignite.
  2. Firewood: The second option when it comes to a portable barbecue will always be firewood. There are some mixed models that also accept charcoal, and they are not much more expensive. Firewood has quite an advantage, as it is easy to get it at a good price. Also, since there are so many types on the market, it allows you to try different combinations of flavors.
  3. Gas: There are some models of small portable gas barbecues for those who do not want to have to fight with firewood or charcoal. However, they have a big downside, and that is that they force you to travel with the butane cylinder for it to work.
  4. Electric: Perhaps they are the most practical of portable barbecues, since there are very small models, perfect for making a small meal with family members. However, they require an energy source to function, which is also a major setback.
Portable barbecue, good and cheap

Do you prefer barbecue or grill?

You have to keep in mind that they are not the same. Barbecues have a grill, but the difference is that they have a lid, while grills do not.

Currently, barbecues have very small models, but the grills are usually more functional. They do not require as much assembly process and cleaning is faster. But by not having a lid, you have to keep an eye on the meat so that it is done well on both sides. In this regard, the fact that the barbecues have a lid is a great advantage.

What are the advantages of portable barbecues?

Are you wondering what are the advantages of buying a portable barbecue? Without a doubt, it will be very beneficial, especially if you like to travel, since:

  • You can take it anywhere: Wherever you go, you can take your barbecue with you. They are very simple assembly models, so it is not so heavy to have to disassemble it after having used it. Some models are large, in which case it is better to only partially disassemble it.
  • Wheels or fixed: Another great advantage is that these barbecue models give you the option to choose whether you want a barbecue with wheels or with fixed legs. The wheels are better because it helps you move the barbecue easily. However, these have to be of a good material and if the terrain is not flat, you may have some problems moving it. In case of uneven terrain, the best thing to do is a barbecue with fixed legs, preferably with a rubber tip.
  • Outdoors cooking is healthier: One of the big problems with barbecues is smoke. Depending on the type of heat source you are using, it can be more or less harmful to your health. On the other hand, cooking in a very open space, with the air the smoke will not hit you directly, being much healthier.
  • You can enjoy different types of spaces: Although it may be fun for neighbors to always come to your garden, isn't it a bit monotonous to always have the same meeting place? Since portable barbecues are designed to take them wherever you want, you can have barbecues in other houses, in the field or in the mountains.
  • Perfect security measures: In order to avoid possible fires, modern portable barbecues are designed with security measures to prevent sparks or embers from coming out of the bottom of it. In addition, they are also prepared to be safe for the cook.
  • Cheaper ?: In some cases a portable barbecue is much cheaper than a garden barbecue. Especially since these are usually smaller, so that the task of moving it is more comfortable. An interesting investment, especially if you really like to go on a trip.
  •  They do not take up much space: Since once you have finished using and cleaned it you can disassemble it, you do not have to worry about the space it occupies. It is enough to keep it in the box and keep it in the trunk of the car until the next time you are going to use it.
  • They can also be used in the kitchen: Some barbecue models are so small that they could be used in the kitchen without much trouble.
Portable barbecues, good and cheap

Better than garden barbecues?

Certainly portable barbecues have many advantages, but are they better than garden barbecues? In essence they are the same, but with the advantage that they allow you to change location whenever you feel like it.

They are generally very simple models, and since they are so small, you cannot cook for as many people as with garden ones. Still, cooking in batches allows you to enjoy the experience more while talking to friends or family.

Also, since almost all barbecue models are available in a portable design, it allows you to experiment with which type you prefer for meat, fish or vegetables. And if you already have a garden one, why not buy one for when you go on a trip? This way you enjoy the experience more! And normally, except for some models, they are also much cheaper.

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