Home vs restaurant

Eating at home or eating in a restaurant, we have asked a friend cook and our mother, these are their opinions, and you who prefer to eat at home or eat in a restaurant?

My mother thinks it is better to eat at home:

"Eating and cooking at home is better" is a statement we hear frequently. However, the current lifestyle, working hours and time constraints push the population towards bought food or eating out of the home.

Therefore, in order for us to understand the importance of not losing homemade food, we will give you 6 reasons why it is convenient to cook and eat at home, together with the rest of the individuals who share it and with the foods chosen and made with your own hands.

Eating at home or eating in a restaurant

Homemade fried eggs with potatoes

My mother thinks it is better to eat at home:

1. Know the ingredients: when we eat out, it is common that we do not know in depth all the ingredients of the chosen dish. And in most cases, restaurants add, to give more flavor, fatty substances such as butter, oil, sugar or heavy cream, some even add monosodium glutamate. On the other hand, if you cook at home, you will know what the ingredients of the preparation are and you can replace some with healthier ones.

2. Greater portion control: stores often present extremely large portions compared to what they should be, as abundance provides value to the dish. But your health will thank you if you limit the amount to be consumed to what really constitutes a portion, and eating away from home, this does not usually happen, since, as we pay for food, we eat everything that we are served. However, at home, you can have full control of the quantities to serve for each diner and not consume in excess.

3. Saving money: of course, we cannot ignore this aspect, since beyond the health benefits, homemade food allows you to save a lot of money, not only because you do not pay an added value for the trade, but that, by benefiting your body, you will avoid the costs of improving and caring for health. Remember that eating healthy without spending too much is possible. 


4. Higher quality of food: in food outlets, ingredients are often purchased in bulk, while choosing lower-cost products to lower prices and increase profits. And if this is not the case, the cost of the dish you choose is usually very high. Instead, at home, you can choose fresh, natural and better quality products, without paying too much money. By cooking at home, you can ensure the quality of the food you eat.

5. Avoid temptations: When we see a wide range of savory dishes and desserts, it is inevitable that we crave them, and even when we are full, the waiter's question about dessert often undermines our attempt to say "no." So, we continue for one last sweet dish that can significantly increase the calories in our diet. On the contrary, when we eat or cook at home, this is difficult to happen, since we plan the meal and there is usually not a refrigerator full of desserts and foods to choose from, but the options are more limited and in most cases , healthier.

6. Planning: eating away from home does not allow you to plan your meal, and this is a crucial aspect to take care of your diet, because as we have already said many times, the lack of order can be the cause of an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. On the other hand, when we cook and eat at home, it is inevitable to plan what we are going to eat, what to buy and how much to prepare the food. Thus, we can have more notion of what we eat and balance our diet.

7. And if we already talk about a barbecue, it is always better at home, it is true that the cook has a lot of work, but if it is well organized, everyone can collaborate and that barbecue at home becomes a social event, either with the family or with friends, and much cheaper, of course.

Of course, it is always convenient to indulge yourself, expose yourself to temptations to test your self-control and share a meal out socially. But the problem arises when eating purchased food becomes common among us, because we forget that homemade food offers much more than these 7 advantages and is a key factor to protect your health.

Home vs restaurant

Home vs restaurant

and you who prefer to eat at home or eat in a restaurant? 

Home vs restaurant

My cook friend thinks that at home it is fine but better to eat in a restaurant:

Let's face it, there is nothing like eating at home… But going out to eat once in a while has many advantages; especially for the person who usually cooks. Even if you like to cook there are some days when you need a break, go out, see and try new things.

In addition, it is common that those who like to cook also usually love to try new flavors and new mixtures.

Some advantages of eating out are:

1. You don't have to think about what to prepare: there are days when you just don't feel like thinking about what to do to eat, you've run out of recipes or you just want to take a break.

2. If you had something prepared, you already have it ready for the next day: you already have the food for tomorrow and you will have more time to enjoy.

3. They consent to you, there is someone watching over you and what you need constantly: we all love being cared for and pampered, eating out is part of this. They serve you, they serve you and you don't have to worry about anything, you just have to choose what to eat.

4. Set table: no need to run to set the table before everyone arrives, everything is done and ready to start enjoying.

5. There are many dishes that you would not make at home, either due to not being able to get the raw material or because of the complication of the dish. No matter how good a cook you are, there are some dishes that you don't feel like cooking (you just want to eat them) or that only a professional chef knows how to make.

6. You are in no rush to finish, you can enjoy your coffee without problems. You don't have to get up right away to pick up and wash the dishes, you can relax and enjoy your after-dinner a while longer.

7. You can try new dishes: flavors, textures, way of cooking food. The truth is that the kitchen has so many flavors that sometimes you have to go out to discover them. You can try very different things and then create your version at home.
8. All the people are at the table all the time: it is a time to be with everyone present, nobody gets lost in the conversation and you can have a very good time.

9. You have a great variety to choose from: there is not a single fixed plate, you always have many options to choose from and everyone can eat whatever they want without problems.

10. Get out of the routine, breathe and relax without thinking about anything else: some days you really want to go out and enjoy new environments and see new people.

11. If you go out with the children, it is a good way to teach them the customs at the table and make them more flexible to try new things: at home there are rules but it is always good that they practice them in public, it is a way to make them more sociable and to accustom them to other flavors and ways of cooking.

12. It is a good way to communicate and get to talk with other people in a relaxed atmosphere: sometimes you have to talk about important things, at home there may be certain distractions that we find it very difficult to avoid, if you eat out you can focus more on the person with which you are

There are many reasons to go out to eat. We must bet on investing in enjoying and living new gastronomic experiences.

Home vs restaurant

Home vs restaurant

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