BBQ Vegetable Recipe

Grilled or barbecued vegetables: a healthy way to enjoy barbecues
Without a doubt, barbecue is the queen of cookouts. And with it the grilled vegetables, a healthy way to enjoy barbecues.

BBQ Vegetable Recipe

BBQ Vegetable Recipe

Benefits of a good barbecue with vegetables 

In addition to being a versatile dish, given the multitude of ingredients we can play with, it is a healthy dish that will hardly provide us with calories and that when cooked correctly does not provide us with fat.

Whether to enjoy it as a garnish or giving it all the prominence in a single dish. Few carbohydrates and feeling of fullness, does anyone give more?

However, when we talk about barbecue vegetables, the first thing we think of is a pale platter full of bland vegetables.

Onion slices, red and green pepper rings, bland zucchini ... and hopefully an asparagus or artichoke takes the cake!

A boring dish go.

If you don't ask those who opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet, the vegetable grill is the star option of all hospitality businesses when there is nothing on the menu to put in your mouth.

Calm young lady, we prepare a vegetable grill for you.

Oh, oh ... the uncertainty then lurks, and it seems that it is difficult to give a tasty and fun point to the vegetables.

Well, no!

Today we show you that a simple barbecue of vegetables can be a real delicacy. Worthy of the menus of the best restaurants and a healthy way to enjoy barbecues without giving up taking care of ourselves, taste and enjoyment.

Grilled vegetables

What vegetables can be grilled?

What vegetables can be grilled?

Vegetables can be grilled?

What vegetables can be grilled?

What vegetables can we prepare on the grill? The answer is simple, all vegetables allow this type of cooking. Although some are more suitable for their shape and / or texture. 

The vegetables that work best in the vegetable grill and that should not be missing in your barbecue are, among others: 

- Peppers, in any of its varieties:

We will present these for an ideal cooking cut in half lengthwise. So that we have two perfect halves to place on the grill and cook equally.


Being a somewhat hard vegetable, it is one of the ones that needs the longest cooking time, around 10-15 minutes, half on each side, depending on the fire.

So it will be one of the first vegetables we put in.

Putting all the vegetables at the same time is a mistake. Each vegetable has a shape, a texture, some characteristics that make it cook in more or less time.

If all the vegetables are put in at the same time, some will be overcooked while others will be hard or too raw. Take your time and give them theirs too.

- Carrots:

As it has a hard texture, it will also be one of the first to put on the barbecue. It is advisable to cook or steam the carrots first, so it will be done more quickly on the grill, it will be juicy and will have that barbecue flavor that we are looking for.

Once cooked, on the grill it will be enough for it to be about 5 minutes, just enough to brown on all sides.

If we put it raw, split lengthwise it will be ready in about 10-15 minutes.

- Potato. A classic:

As with the carrot, I recommend previously having it cooked, so we will only have to place it on the grill and give it a touch of color.

If we prefer to start raw, we must cut it into slices, place it on the grill and leave it for about 10 - 15 minutes, 5-6 per side depending on the thickness of the potato.

- Eggplant, with soft, tender and tasty meat:

The ideal way to present it on the grill is cut into slices, lengthwise or widthwise, to taste, but all with the same thickness.

In about 8-10 minutes on the fire we will have it ready, 4 minutes for each side.

- Corn:

Corn, or rather the ear of corn, is the main protagonist of barbecues in Northern Europe and North America. It is usually delicious with a touch of butter.

It will take about 10 minutes for the corn cob to be ready to eat.

- Leeks and tender onions, you can never miss:

We will place them on the grill as is and in about 8 minutes we will have them cooked and ready to taste.

- Mushrooms:

Another ingredient that cannot be missing in a vegetable grill. It certainly gives it a different touch. We will place them on the grill for about 8 minutes, approximately 4 on each side.

- Asparagus:

Depending on the thickness, about 6 minutes will be enough for them to be ready to eat.

Remember that these are fresh wild asparagus. Those who sell in the green super. They are delicious on the grill with a little salt and olive oil.

- Zucchini, either sliced ​​or lengthwise:

We have it to the point in 5 minutes on both sides, once it is golden on the outside we can taste it.

- Tomato, the juicy touch:

Having so much water I recommend putting it at the end, in about 3-4 minutes it will be ready to make our mouths water with its presence.

Put it 1 minute and a half more or less for each side.

- Tofu

Are you a proponent of vegetarian barbecues? You can include the tofu in the ingredients of the vegetables to grill on the barbecue. You just have to worry about getting all the water out of the tofu, and then cutting it before passing it through the grill, so that it is well browned and to your liking.

- Other vegetables for your barbecue:

Also dare with lettuce or endives, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or artichokes.

The lettuce or the endives divided in two and grilled are delicious, the broccoli and the cabbages if you prefer you can put them on the grill once they are cooked or steamed, with browning you will have them ready, if the raw parts will take about 12-15 minutes .

As you can see, there are a wide variety of vegetables that you can grill on a barbecue.

What vegetables can be grilled?

What vegetables can be grilled?

BBQ Vegetable Recipe

Grilled or barbecued vegetables: a healthy way to enjoy barbecues
Without a doubt, barbecue is the queen of cookouts. And with it the grilled vegetables, a healthy way to enjoy barbecues.

What you need to prepare your vegetable grill?

We have the chosen ingredients and their cooking times on the grill. 

Now, what else do we need to make a Michelin-starred veggie grill?

It seems obvious that a grill right?

The fundamental thing, the grill or barbecue. You have to differentiate between grill and barbecue, although many people use it interchangeably. By grill we mean the grill that we put on top of the fire and make the ingredients, but by barbecue we mean the one with a lid, that is, it also has the grill but usually has a lid, with this what is achieved is to smoke the barbecue flavor in the ingredients and shorten the cooking times.

Some are double so that you can enclose the food leaving the grill at the bottom and at the top, thus making it easier to turn the ingredients.

Another way to make a vegetable grill if we don't have a barbecue at home, or we want to make things easier for ourselves, is to use a home grill or griddle.

In this way we achieve a similar result, although the flavor of the embers cannot be achieved but it is similar, simply by using a few drops of oil (always use extra virgin olive oil, the result of using one or the other oil is abysmal, or example butter with corn.)

Grilled vegetables in pan

If you don't have any of these utensils in your kitchen, don't worry, it looks great in the pan too.

Make sure you use a non-stick so you don't have to abuse the oil, with just a splash and go over the vegetables according to their cooking time you will have them perfect.

Another alternative, the oven

If you do not have the possibility of using a grill or barbecue you can use the oven. It is useful if you are going to put the grilled vegetables as a garnish to another dish that you have previously cooked in the oven, such as meat or fish.

Other ingredients that should not be missing when preparing a vegetable grill

Apart from the vegetables. There are other ingredients that you should have on hand so that your barbecue is delicious:

- Extra virgin olive oil:

A good oil can not be missing in our kitchens, do not skimp, the taste of one to another can be the key to a good or a bad barbecue of vegetables.

- Natural salt without chemicals:

Look for a quality salt to give a final touch to our vegetables.

A salt of medium thickness in flakes for me is the best option. We will always put the salt at the end, as a final touch.

- Pepper:

Optional and always freshly ground. My favorite for vegetables is white pepper. Although if you like another you can use it

- Aromatic herbs:

So that your grilled vegetables are not always the same, you can play to change seasonings, one day flavor them with rosemary, another with thyme, sage ... in variety is the taste.

- Spices:

How about adding a touch of curry to you?

The best thing about cooking is being able to dare to play, to experiment and let ourselves be surprised by the palate with the results. Cumin gives it a very rich flavor even if you prefer to go traditional.

Be brave and don't be afraid to experiment with different spices.

- Sauces, to accompany the vegetables:

You can put a sauce boat nearby with different sauces, such as:

a vinaigrette,
garlic-lemon mayonnaise,
or my favorite mojo picón!

I leave the recipe below, do not miss it because it is a delight and you will surprise your guests. 

What vegetables can be barbecue?

What vegetables can be barbecue?

How to cook a good barbecue of vegetables for a barbecue 

A grill or barbecue of vegetables can be a unique dish or accompany a pork ribs, chicken or whatever you like the most.

A Good Barbecue of vegetables

To cook a good barbecue of vegetables on our barbecue we will use the grill or the barbecue, I like the barbecue much more since when closing the lid the flavor is much more concentrated but if you do not have to use the grill that also looks very good, and there are also other options, such as the frying pan or the oven, just as valid, although not as tasty.

We will wash, cut and prepare the ingredients according to the form of presentation that we want to give it, slices, slices, whole ...

We will arrange them on the grill or barbecue in order of cooking, first the hardest, such as pepper, carrot, potato ... after these the medium cooking and the last the most tender that only need a couple of minutes to have them ready. You can also make the meat on one side of the barbecue and the vegetables on the other.

So that the first ones do not get cold, I recommend you pour them into a clay dish that we will have previously heated on the grill or have it put on the grill on one side. In this way it will withstand the heat until we have finished cooking all the ingredients and we will not have cold and / or warm parts and other hot ones.

Once we have all the ingredients ready, it is time to present them, either in the same clay dish, or on a tray.

As a distinctive touch we will choose to put a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a touch of salt flakes and freshly ground white pepper.

This would be the most basic option and not for that reason boring, bland or bland as we said at the beginning of this article, adjectives that usually go together with the image that we all have of a vegetable grill.

If you dare to give a different air, you can flavor it with herbs such as rosemary that is spectacular or the bravest give the curry.

The best Sauces for grilling vegetables

The best Sauces for grilling vegetables

The best Sauces for grilling vegetables

To give it another air, we are going to prepare a mojo picón to accompany our vegetables and leave our guests with their mouths open. Without a doubt, they will remember the grilled vegetables with another air.It is a type of sauce typical of the Canary Islands (Spain), an essential accompaniment to some typical foods of that archipelago, since I tried it I usually use it in a lot of meals.

Let's see what you need for this recipe.


250 ml d extra virgin olive oil
50 ml red wine vinegar
4-5 beautiful sized garlic cloves
2 dried red chillies without seeds
1 teaspoon dried cumin
1 teaspoon of hot paprika
1 teaspoon salt

We add all the ingredients to the blender, beat until smooth and leave a couple of hours in the fridge to rest and gather body.

Before consuming, remove from the refrigerator to bring it to room temperature.

Notice! The sauce spicy, it spicy with grace, so if you don't like spicy, here is a more appropriate option and nothing spicy.

Chopped nuts and yogurt to garnish your vegetable grill:

You will also like this sauce for barbecue with vegetables.

Mojo picón recipe without spicy:

250 ml of extra virgin olive oil
50 ml apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 handful of crushed hazelnuts
1 handful of raw cashew nuts, crushed
1 natural unsweetened yogurt
1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives

Emulsify the oil with the vinegar and salt, add the nuts and yogurt. Mix until smooth and garnish with chives.

A soft and fresh option to accompany your vegetables that will not leave you indifferent, alternatives for all tastes.

Last tips to prepare a good vegetable grill

Surround yourself with good people and enjoy a barbecue of vegetables, a healthy way to enjoy barbecues.

And from here, encourage you to take a twist on vegetable grills, since there is nothing more fun than experimenting in the kitchen to get the most out of ingredients as healthy and full of flavor as vegetables and greens.

No boring vegetables on a sad tray, give flavor and life to our dishes.

You'll see how you appreciate it!

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