Weber barbecues

Thanks to iGrill technology, Weber barbecues are positioned as the latest in a combination of practicality and functionality. The perfect element to have an excuse to have a barbecue.

Weber, the barbecue easy to transport 

History of Weber barbecues 

Since then, this brand's barbecues have always been one step ahead when it comes to technology. They have managed to create a dynamic design, perfect for use in any space and easy to transport, as they are models that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Also, weighing very little.

For a long time, the barbecue was nothing more than a rudimentary and static brick oven. When open to fire, the food was exposed to the wind, ash and dangerous flames.

George Stephen is a steel plate fitter at Weber Brothers Metal Works. His inspiration came from seeing a metal beacon while he was taking a sailboat ride. Stephen decided to transform this beacon into a ball barbecue: he cuts it in two, uses the bottom part of the tub, puts three feet on it to stabilize it, and uses the top part as a cover. He puts a handle on this lid, and thus revolutionizes the use of the barbecue by maintaining a homogeneous heat inside the barbecue, allowing to obtain an optimal cooking quality.

The Weber-Stephen brand is created and markets its first ball barbecue: the Original Kettle.

Charcoal, gas or electric barbecues ... Design that bets on the trends of its time ... Following the original inspiration of George Stephen, there are many models of Weber barbecue.

Over the years, Weber has also developed its own accessories and fuels to make the barbecue experience easier, safer and more tasty.

Located on the outskirts of Chicago, the Weber-Stephen company is today in part directed and managed by the children of Marge and George Stephen. 

Barbecue Weber

Barbecue Weber

A smart barbecue, at the best price

The best option when buying a Weber barbecue on sale is to go for one of their smart models. The latest line of barbecues of the brand has a Pulse line, which can be connected to the Smartphone. Through this, you can know how long the meat has left to be ready, or if the fire is ready to put the ingredients to cook.

They achieve all this with the help of the innovative iGrill technology. Having to keep an eye on the barbecue at all times came to an end thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

Barbecue Gas Weber

Barbecue Gas Weber

Weber barbecues of all kinds at an unbeatable price

Coal, electric or gas… Weber works with all types of energy with its barbecues. And it offers authentic options of getting cheap Weber barbecues. Like, for example, with their portable models.

These can be easily moved due to their small size. A Weber barbecue is a barbecue for life, as its stainless steel structure, combined with the best technology, will allow you to enjoy a good barbecue at any time of the year.

Barbecue Master Weber

Barbecue Master Weber

Reviews of Weber barbecues

The opinions of Weber barbecues are always positive, with the Weber Pulse 1000 being one of the most reviewed. Barbecues that allow you to know, thanks to digital technology, the preparation time of each ingredient, or the amount of charcoal necessary to avoid burning the meat.

In addition, its oval shape, along with two handles to transport it, even when it is turned on, makes it ideal. Added to a structure made to be safe and prevent one from being burned, regardless of the temperature of the barbecue. 

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