Royal Gourmet Grills

Royal Gourmet has a wide variety of products, charcoal, gas, portables, grills, combos or smokers all with a good quality of construction and at a reasonable price

Royal Gourmet Grills

Based in Georgia, Royal Gourmet is a professional grill and outdoor cooking essentials manufacturer and supplier integrating in-house product development and manufacturing.

It is a company with an innovative team that has provided a wide range of products for every lifestyle and budget.

What makes our product unique?

Royal Gourmet products have good quality, affordable price and premium customer service, adhering to the values ​​of "care, taste, innovation and diversity". 

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet Smoker

What are the benefits of the Royal Gourmet charcoal grill, in addition to its smoker?

When deciding to buy a drum charcoal grill it is important to review its advantages over its competition, below we present the most relevant:

Easy Installation: This grill allows you to assemble it almost intuitively. Assembling easily and in a short time.

Long-lasting finishes: The paint on the grill is of high quality so the burner box will not wear out. Likewise, its lid is long-lasting to enjoy your grill for longer.

Large Grill: Features a total cooking surface of 800 square inches, 438 square inches for the main chamber. 1/4 ”diameter porcelain steel cooking grates; 179 square inches for chrome warming rack.

Offset Smoker: Adds an additional 183-square-inch cooking area with porcelain steel cooking grates.

Side door: Allows you to easily add more charcoal, in addition to ensuring better ventilation due to the fact that it guarantees better air flow.

Professional thermometer: It allows you to know the degrees in which your grill is and thus control the doneness of your food.

Cold-touch spring handle: Avoid accidents and burns with its cold-touch handle.

Charcoal Tray: With a large capacity, it holds 5 pounds of charcoal so you don't leave anything to chance.

Lift Handles: Adjust the height of the charcoal so you control the heat and the embers are in the perfect distance.
Steel Mesh Front Table and Bottom Shelf: Giving you much more work and storage space, as well as being very easy to clean.

Wheels: It has two wheels that make this grill a portable and efficient version.

Price: Generally this type of grill has a high price, however the quality that this product offers in relation to its price is extraordinary.

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet

Why invest in the Royal charcoal grill? 

Simply because it gives you the option to prepare delicious gourmet-style dishes for those you love so much at an excellent price. This Royal Gourmet charcoal grill with smoker, has a compact and versatile design allowing it to easily enter most gardens, balconies, patios and / or terraces. 

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet Pd1201

Barbecue Grill Royal Gourmet Pd1201

Royal Gourmet CC1830F BBQ Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker

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