Masterbuilt Barbecues

It is a brand of recognized prestige that has been in the market for many years and we can say that they are specialized in smokers.

Barbecue Masterbuilt Kamado

Barbecue Masterbuilt Kamado

Masterbuilt History: 

The values ​​that they say on their website:

Get the job done, make it fun.
Team Masterbuilt does what it takes to get the job done. We are not just a team, we are a family. And we are not just a family, we are a FUN family!

Cutting-edge quality and innovation.
Masterbuilt leads the way in our industry with quality and product innovation. We work tirelessly to improve our products and bring new products to market.

World-class customer service, every time.
Our customer service team has one simple goal: world-class customer service.

Share the goodness.
We believe in sharing goodness every day: good times, good food, good people.

It all started in a backyard in 1973, with Dawson McLemore and his family building pots of fish ...

Barbecue Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560

Barbecue Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560


The Gravity Series 560 charcoal smoker barbecue is the flagship product of the Masterbuilt brand. For more than 45 years, Masterbuilt has been known for the quality of its electric smokers, a complete line of barbecues and accessories. In 2018, Masterbuilt teamed up with the Kamado Joe company, further underlining the quality of this brand's products.

With the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Charcoal Smoker Barbecue you can grill, bake, smoke and more. Adjust the temperature on the barbecue's digital control panel or on your mobile device and DigitalFan maintains the desired cooking temperature. The GravityFed charcoal hopper is capable of holding the amount of charcoal needed for over 12 hours of fire and gravity ensures a constant supply of charcoal. The reversible cast iron grills can reach temperatures of up to 371 ° C in just 13 minutes and are perfect for grilling or smoking.


DigitalFan for precise temperature control. At the push of a button, the digitally controlled fan moves the airflow from the charcoal hopper to the cooking chamber and maintains the desired cooking temperature.

The GravityFed hopper holds 4.5kg of lump coal or 7kg of briquettes. The GravityFed charcoal hopper is capable of holding the amount of charcoal needed for 12-15 hours of fire and gravity ensures a constant supply of charcoal. No need to remove charcoal after each use.

Download the application and use your mobile to operate and control the cooking characteristics of your Masterbuilt barbecue. Adjust the temperature and time for roasting or smoking, control the internal temperature of the meat and enjoy the process

- Enamelled steel base and top
- 4 wheels for easy movement
- Auxiliary side table
- Control of temperature and cooking time through the barbecue's digital control panel or from a mobile device using WIFI or Bluetooth
- Thermometer built into the lid
- Meat probe for perfect results every time
- Reversible cast iron cooking grate for roasting at high temperatures or for slow smoking at low temperatures
- 2 warming or smoking racks
- Ability to reach a temperature of 107 ° C in 7 minutes or 371 ° C in 13 minutes
- Removable ash catcher
- Dimensions: 132.69 cm high x 135.6 cm wide x 62.6 cm deep
- Weight: 66.66 kg 

Barbecue Masterbuilt Smoker

Barbecue Masterbuilt Smoker

Some opinions of the Masterbuilt barbecue 

Although we are aware of the quality of the Masterbuilt barbecue, you must also know the opinions of the users so that you can make the final decision. These comments have been freely collected from people who have bought the barbecue and all highlight the quality of a product that, although inexpensive, does its job very well.

As examples, we highlight the versatility, which most users refer to, it is a product for advanced users and it is not exactly cheap.

Conclusion Masterbuilt barbecue-smoker

For all these reasons, the Masterbuilt barbecue or smokers is a very interesting option to prepare your meat, vegetables and fish in any context. With this barbecue-smoker, you and your family can eat and enjoy on weekends at any time. It can be used as a normal barbecue but also as a smoker. But we must bear in mind that it is not cheap and it takes experience to be able to use it correctly, although today there is a lot of information on the internet to use these smokers, everything is achieved by practicing, maybe the first few times it does not work out very well, but Little by little with practice you will be able to make impressive dishes, equal to or better than in any specialized restaurant. 

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