Isumer barbecues, portable barbecue

Isumer mini barbecues are functional models designed for all types of environments and for all occasions. We are going to explain the characteristics and advantages of the barbecues of this brand. 

Isumer Barbecues 

Isumer has worked to bring the experience of grilling to the public. They have managed to create a range of products that can be used anywhere. Offering an inexpensive product, with interesting offers, they stand out for being cheap and easy-to-use barbecue models.

Using stainless steel as the raw material, Isumer barbecues do not generate toxins during use. In addition, this material allows you to have embers with a temperature of up to 600 degrees. To make it more practical, they have created a handle model that allows the barbecue to be moved even when in use.

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Kaba Portable

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Kaba Portable

Advantages of Isumer barbecues 

The goal of a barbecue is to enjoy with friends. The Isumer barbecue allows you to achieve this with large and small models. From 2 to 16 people, there are designs for all tastes. Designed for the garden, for use on the table or on the balcony.

They are stainless steel grills, easy to clean and maintain.

Many models in their catalog are foldable, and as they do not usually exceed 2 kilos, they allow easy transport.

Isumer barbecues are designed to optimize the consumption of charcoal. The big ones can last more than 100 minutes.

Fish, meat, vegetables ... any dish can be cooked on these barbecues. Perhaps the problem with some models is that they are small and short. They make up for it with the possibility of using them on a table, and being a beautiful meeting place for all friends.

They also have a security system to prevent the jump of embers.

Isumers barbecues are cheap barbecues that maintain a higher quality than the others in the same range.

A portable barbecue is an interesting alternative so that you can prepare those meats, vegetables or fish that you like so much whenever you want, both at home and on your trips to the countryside. The Isumer mini barbecue is the solution you have been waiting for, both for the manufacturing materials and its functionality and, why not say it, for the price.  

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Portable

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Portable

Advantages of the Isumer portable barbecue 

The unbeatable price makes the purchase decision easier. It is surely the most attractive factor in this barbecue.
Another incredible advantage is that this folding barbecue is versatile, since it is light and that allows you to transport it wherever you want.
It is ideal for barbecues for small groups of 3-5 people.
In addition, the manufacturing materials facilitate cleaning in a few minutes.
Being of fixed structure, it has enough stability for the field.
Its assembly is simple while remaining robust.
It is a very easy barbecue to fold and store in the case that accompanies it. Which makes it a very practical barbecue.

BBQ Charcoal Grill With Lid - The charcoal grill is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up for grilling on the go. And its rectangular shape fits perfectly in the back of most cars. The compact size with larger grill area and two convenient carry handles is perfect for any weekend getaway or spontaneous day on the go.
EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - 180-square-inch chrome cooking grate (16.7 "long x 10.8" wide) provides a spacious cooking area. Use the lid hook to avoid placing the lid on the ground while grilling. The portable charcoal grill made of thick steel and the ash catcher on this small grill allow for convenient cleaning after cooking.
Efficient Heat Retention and Regulation: The tabletop grill's ultra-durable porcelain enameled lid and bowl retain heat, while dampers are easily adjusted for precise temperature control. It allows heat to reach all parts of the portable grill efficiently and cooks food efficiently.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Quality steel construction and a durable high-temperature finish help prevent rust to extend the life of your grill. Features a durable enamel coated firebox for added safety and ease. The legs fold over the top of the grill to lock the lid in place.

If you were looking for a small barbecue, this is the solution because all the necessary conditions are met. 

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Portable

Barbecue Isumer charcoal grill Portable

Where to use this folding barbecue? 

Although the barbecue is designed so that you can use it wherever and whenever you want, there are some specific cases in which it can perform more. First of all, if you go camping or in the field on weekends frequently, it is an interesting option. Second, you will do well if you go with your partner and children, as long as there are no more than 5 people.

In both contexts, this is a very interesting solution due to its portability and ability to cook food.

If there is something that can help you decide to buy the Isumer barbecue, it is the price, within the reach of all pockets, without giving up a quality barbecue. It has never been so easy to buy a barbecue to take it wherever you want, both for the price and the service.

Another brand focused on small barbecues or small grills is Uten, you can see it here 

Isumer barbecues, portable barbecue

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