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Is one of the largest American manufacturers of Kamados barbecues. In them the high quality of their products and a lifetime guarantee prevail.
After Kamado founder Joe fell in love with kamado-style cooking years ago, he set out to make the world's finest kamado-style barbecues with premium materials and innovative design. Kamado Joe ceramic barbecues offer unmatched cooking flexibility, sleek aesthetics, and quality construction.

Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue

Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue

Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue

If you are looking for the highest quality kamado at an affordable price, Kamado Masterbuilt is the perfect solution for you. The Kamado Masterbuilt is produced in Kamado Joe's factories for its sister company Masterbuilt, so you buy the quality at a very favorable price.

For more than 45 years, Masterbuilt has been known for the quality of its electric smokers, a complete line of barbecues and accessories. In 2018, Masterbuilt teamed up with the Kamado Joe company, further underlining the quality of this brand's products.

The Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue comes with an advanced multi-panel FireBox combustion chamber that has a six-piece design that eliminates chamber breakage. The sturdy 304 stainless steel cooking grate has a Ø 49 cm surface and is perfect for slow grilling, smoking or baking delicious moist meats, roasted vegetables or crispy pizzas. If you love to experiment in the kitchen and are passionate about the world of barbecue, then the Kamado barbecue from the Masterbuilt brand may be a good option for you.

The kamado, an old-fashioned Asian-style grill, is a thick-walled oven that brings a rich smoky flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables. For centuries almost unaltered, the air flows in a kamado-style ceramic furnace through its ceramic body and out through its ventilated dome, the charcoal is rekindled, like smoke and heat. Although Kamado Masterbuilt is intended for low temperature cooking, it can be achieved at very high temperatures.

Kamado Masterbuilt barbecues are gaining popularity not only for their versatility when cooking but also for their high-quality, durable ceramic construction. By design, the heat distribution is uniform and using little carbon. With a small amount of charcoal, you can reach high temperatures and even hold them for hours. With the use of 100% natural lump charcoal fuel, you will get a strong firewood flavor in all the meats you cook with the advantage that it can be smoked or not to taste.

The basic structure of the Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue is simple: the heat-resistant ceramic body, the 49 cm diameter stainless steel grill, a lid and the cart with folding side shelves. The Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue is mounted on a cast iron cart for easy movement of the barbecue. The wheel lock mechanism ensures that the Kamado Masterbuilt stands firm and secure.

A practical, extra-large thermometer built into the lid of the Kamado Masterbuilt marks the temperature inside the barbecue. The thick-walled ceramic body of the barbecue collects heat, captures moisture and flavor. The round ceramic heat deflector (in one piece) is the accessory that is part of the barbecue and allows cooks to experiment with indirect heat. If the ceramic baffle plate is not used, it can be cooked with direct heat.

The Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue charcoal combustion can be controlled not only by the 304 stainless steel draft door located at the bottom of the barbecue, but also by the cast iron vent in the lid, for precise flow regulation exhaust air. The heat range that the Kamado Masterbuilt barbecue can achieve is approximately 82 ° C to 399 ° C.

The Kamado Masterbuilt ceramic is the same as the Kamado Joe Classic Joe, only the color is always black instead of the famous Kamado Joe red. The Kamado Masterbuilt has a Ø 49 cm cooking surface. It is therefore the same size as the Kamado Joe Classic models and all Kamado Joe Classic Joe accessories such as the cooking grates, Joetisserie and DoJoe will fit the Kamado Masterbuilt. What's not in the Kamado Masterbuilt that has the simplest Kamado Joe Classic Joe? Kamado Masterbuilt does not have the sliding ash drawer or a flexible Divide & Conquer cooking system.

Main Features:

- Trolley made of cast iron with wheels.

- Base and lid made of high temperature resistant ceramic.

- High temperature resistant ceramic tank / fire ring.

- High temperature resistant ceramic coating enamel.

- Multi-Panel Combustion Chamber.

- Cast iron top vent for precise air flow regulation.

- Extra large thermometer built into the lid.

- 304 Stainless Steel Grill.

- Cooking surface: Ø 49 cm.

- One-piece ceramic deflector.

- Folding side tables.

- 304 Stainless Steel draft door.

- Ash catcher.

- Grill elevator.

- Heat range: from 82 ° C to 399 ° C approx.

- Dimensions with trolley: 123 cm high x 119.5 cm wide x 73 cm deep.

- Weight: 103.7 kg.

- Limited lifetime warranty on ceramic parts.

- 5 years warranty

Barbecue Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

Barbecue Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

Barbecue Kamado Joe Classic Joe II

The Kamado Joe Classic II model features a thick-walled, heat-resistant frame that collects smoke and moisture at any temperature. The easy-open dome has an air-lift hinge and ultra-precise, weatherproof Kontrol Power top valve, while the wide cooking surface at the bottom is made of 304 stainless steel for commercial use. Other featured innovations that come standard with the Classic II are the Divide & Conquer 3-tier flexible cooking system, our advanced multi-panel FireBox, a sturdy cast iron cart, and a patented slide-out ash drawer for easy cleanup. .

You decide if you want to cook:

1. With direct heat: grill or grill.

2. With indirect heat: oven.

3. At low temperatures and very slowly, or at traditional temperatures.

4. With or without smoke.

5. As a railway pot: to make stews in the Kamado.

6. As a smoker.

If the deflector is used, (which is one of the accessories included), it is cooked with Indirect heat, it is the hot air that cooks as in a wood oven (the bread and the dough come out with the aroma of before).

If the deflector is not used, it is cooked with direct heat, the food is placed directly on top of the embers, it is like a barbecue, but you can control the temperature to your liking, and at low temperatures you can smoke the pieces to your liking.

If it is cooked below ± 150ºC, we are talking about cooking at low temperature, and consequently it takes more time, at ± 100ºC, there are recipes that are completed in 10-14 hours, it is the authentic "Slow cooking". And also you choose if you do it with or without smoke. As a railway pot, it is when the pot is placed on the grill over the coals, and it is the reference method for making the stews.

The accessories that this Kamado Joe Classic II includes are:

- Superior ventilation valve.

- Thermometer integrated in the lid.

- Folding side tables.

- Divide and Conquer system with 2 ceramic deflectors.

- Multi-Panel Combustion Chamber.

- Cast Iron Car.

- Grill Elevator.

- Ash Catcher. 

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